The Process

Our EiDYN beers are all handcrafted using our 500L Brewhouse comprising a brew kettle, a hot liquor tank and a mash tun. Milled grain is first mixed with heated water so that enzymes can break the malt’s starch down into sugars. The resulting wort is then brought to a controlled boil and hops added at various points to achieve the required flavour profile. The liquid is then cooled and transferred into a fermentation tank where yeast is added to covert the sugary wort into beer by producing alcohol, and wide range of flavours and carbon dioxide, before the beer is left in the tanks to condition..

The Brewer

Graduated from Aberdeen with a masters in chemistry - decided that I didn't want to become a lab chemist so instead decided to fall back on my bar work for the year. During this time I realised how chemistry and brewing were intrinsically linked not only through process but also through flavour profiles as well. I began home brewing and leading brew schools where I found a real passion for it then applied for the masters at heriot watt in brewing and distilling. Over the past year of doing the course we have gained a deep understanding for the process of brewing from the grain in the field all the way to pouring a pint for the consumer. I personally I am a fan of all beers but especially have a passion for sour beers and have even made some small batches of them myself using fat free yogurt to provide the necessary acid producing bacteria.